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Wilson - Animal Behavior Conference -
Set Of 5 Dvd's Ge06

Price: $199.95
SKU: 1676
Wilson - Animal Behavior Conference - <br>Set Of 5 Dvd's Ge06
Wilson - Animal Behavior Conference -
Set Of 5 Dvd's Ge06

Sarah Wilson

Taped Live at Groom Expo 2006!

This Exciting Conference Includes:
  • Understanding Breed History
  • Hardwiring…What does it mean?
  • Understanding subtle changes in behavior
  • What makes a dog a serious threat
  • Avoiding the triggers…or removing the danger
  • Three things that make a dog dangerous
  • Simple ways to assess problem behaviors
  • Helping reactive dogs
  • Is it miscommunication… or medical?
  • Red flags in behavior
  • Safety handling tips
Complete Conference of Individual Topics Can Be Purchased.

Topics Include:

How Breed History Influences Behavior Today
Behaviors that have been selected for over the generations come “hardwired” in certain dog breeds (mixes). These fundamental differences can lead to miscommunication between the breeds, (the classic herding dog goes after a young Retriever in a dog play yard for “no reason”), as well as between humans and dogs. Understanding breed history makes it easier living with, handling, and training dogs.

Reading Stress And Threat In Dogs
John Lyons, a horse trainer, says, “If you listen to the little ‘no’ you never have to get to the big one.” The same is true for dogs. If you can read, then respect, subtle signs of doubt, stress, and threat you can avoid the bite. In the last eighteen years, Sarah has been bitten once. Increasing everyone’s safety in stressful situations is the goal of this power point presentation.

What Makes A Dog “Dangerous”?
Today, over 900 people in the US were sent to the emergency room because of a dog bite. Over half of those people are children under the age of ten. Most of the dogs who sent them there were family pets or a neighbor’s dog. Few people seem to understand what makes their dog a serious threat. Many people mistake avoiding the triggers for removing the danger. Not at all. There are three things that make a dog dangerous – any dog – any size. We’ll discuss those three things using case studies to discuss them in more detail.

Behavior Problems: Confusion, Clarity and Change
How problem behaviors present themselves can vary, but what steps need to be taken to resolve them? Learn a simple way to assess a problem, and a formula you can apply to create a solution that works, whether it is a housebreaking problem, barking at the window, chasing the cat or eating out of the cat box. It all becomes straightforward when you have a method of assessment and a protocol for treatment.

Helping the Reactive Dog
The grooming salon, boarding facility, doggie daycare, shelters, and dog training classes are filled with them. The leaping, spinning, mouthing dogs, with exhausted owners on the other end of the lead, saying things that always seem to begin with, “We really love him but….” Reactive dogs take what novice handlers throw at them – emotion, confusion, frustration – and magnify it. They jump higher, spin faster, mouth harder. Helping these dogs is pretty easy, once you know a few of the tricks that will be explained here.

When is Aggression not Aggression?
After twenty-three years in the field, Sarah has seen many cases where an aggressive dog did not actually have a behavioral root cause. The dog either had a miscommunication problem or a medical one that contributed to the behavioral display. Learn what to listen for as a client talks, what red flags to watch for in the dog, what questions to ask, what underlying issues may be in play, and then what veterinary/medical professional to recommend the client see.

Handling Dogs Safely
The goal in any dog/human interaction is safety. Safety for you and safety for the dog. As dog professionals, our job is to try not to make matters worse. There are tricks to that which make your life and your client’s lives easier. Sarah will share tips on how to safely get a toy dog away from his or her person, how to get the leash of an owner defensive dog, how to calm a stressed dog, how to build up the confidence of a nervous dog, and more.
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson is co-author of seven books on training and behavior, writer for Parade Magazine, lecturer at Tufts, American Council for the Blind, ASPCA, Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers, Puppyworks, Pet Sitters International. Consultant for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc., on-air talent/ consultant for Nick Jr.’s Pup Grows Up and writer/on-air talent for My Smart Puppy DVD sponsored by Merial and Iams. She holds a Masters in Psychology from Lesley University. Most importantly, a popular instructor who focuses on building the handler's skills and confidence.
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